An innovative communications and media non-profit organization with operations in the Philippines and Southeast Asia.


Providing training and opportunities on truthful, responsible, ethical, empowered, and accountable storytelling for media professionals, young media aspirants, and media consumers.


Because we must tell powerful stories that shape our nation and contribute to positive social change.


Who We Are

Probe Media Foundation Inc. is a non-stock, non-profit organization dedicated to developing and enhancing media-related skills and providing opportunities for media practitioners, content creators, and media consumers. We work with journalists and media practitioners, young media aspirants, content creators, and media consumers to foster stories that promote social justice and democracy and contribute to healthy dialogue on issues often under the radar.

We have numerous years of experience in skills enhancement and capacity building for media practitioners, content creators, and spokespersons in the Philippines and Asia, helping catalyze increased awareness, public discourse, and constructive decision-making on crucial development issues.


Our Milestones



Since 1987, Probe Productions, Inc. has crusaded against corrupt, irresponsible, and sensationalist journalism by producing award-winning, groundbreaking TV shows of substance and good production values, such as The Probe Team and "5 and Up."

Probe fosters excellent skills, discipline, and a professional work ethic, making it a sought-after media company for aspiring broadcast journalists. Many Probe alumni now belong to top media agencies in the Philippines and around the world.

In September 1999, the people behind Probe Productions established the Probe Media Foundation, Inc. (PMFI) to nurture responsible media practitioners and build a legacy of powerful storytelling.

2001 to 2003

Our Beginnings: Listening to Voices and Views

PMFI starts official operations, housed in the office of its mother organization, Probe Productions, inc.

Kabataan News Network (KNN) is born: the first time Filipino children are trained in video production and participate in producing stories that are broadcast on mainstream media. Their stories aired on NBN 4, ABC5, ANC, and IBC 13. In 2008, KNN aired on ABS-CBN under the title Kabataan X-Press.

PMFI expands its presence across Asia with the Imaging Our Mekong Media Fellowship Programme, which goes on to 2013 through ten cycles.

2004 to 2007

Gaining Independence and Recognition

PMFI moves to its own office at Sterten Place Condominium in Quezon City. The Philippine Council for NGO Certification (PCNC) grants PMFI a 5-year accreditation.

The Facing the Media program seminars begin, offering institutions from both the public and private sectors training for constructive interactions in media-related situations.

2006 - 2007
Kabataan News Network video stories and reporters gain recognition from the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union-Child Rights Awards, Anak TV, Lasallian Scholarum Awards, and the New York Festivals.

2009 to 2013

Strengthening and Connecting Lives Through Stories

PMFI organizes the four-day Mekong Media Forum in Chiang Mai, Thailand for over 230 journalists, media professionals, activists, civil society representatives and other stakeholders from Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Thailand,  Vietnam, and Yunnan province of China,. The event highlights the work of media practitioners, allowing them to exchange views and experiences on the discussion and coverage of transboundary issues.

The Mulat Pinoy project, a pioneering initiative that encourages youth voices to participate in population and development concerns through online and social media, launches.

PMFI provides technical support to launch and manage the roll-out of the four-year Lakbay Buhay Kalusugan Nationwide Health Promotion Caravan. The Search for Journalists of the Year and Fellowship in Journalism project begins, lasting until 2016.

2013 to 2015

Adjusting to the Dynamic Media Landscape

Mulat Pinoy and Kabataan News Network merge to become MP-KNN.

MP-KNN is a finalist in the Health Systems Global for the Civil Society Organization Award, which recognizes “organizations or networks that best employ social media to engage civil society in health systems-related discussion.”

PMFI hosts the Reporting ASEAN Media Programme to continue its work in Southeast Asia.

2016 to 2019

Enhancing Storytellers with Powerful Narratives

The Mga Nagbabagang Kuwento (Burning Stories) media training and fellowships on covering tobacco control, sin taxes, and related issues begin, with a total of five cycles as of 2022. PMFI becomes a member of the Association of Foundations.

The (Un)Covering Trans Fats: Saving Lives through Stories media training and fellowships begin, spanning three cycles.

PMFI collaborates with partners to mount the Daang Dokyu Festival to celebrate 100 years of documentary films in the Philippines.

2020 to 2022

Redesigning and Realigning for the Next and Better Normal

PMFI realigns its training and workshops for remote delivery to address COVID-19 challenges and restrictions.  Daang Dokyu is celebrated through an online festival. PMFI receives its 3-year tax exemption status from the Bureau of Internal Revenue.

PMFI celebrates 20 years of operations and launches a new logo designed by artist and board member Robert Alejandro.

PMFI receives certifications from the Department of Science and Technology for three years and the National Book Development Board for one year.

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Our Vision

The Probe Media Foundation Inc. envisions truthful, responsible, ethical, empowered, and accountable media.

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop and enhance skills and provide opportunities for media practitioners, content creators, and media consumers. We also commit to cultivating a professional media mindset.


Core Values


Guided by the rule of law and the Journalist’s Code of Ethics to seek the truth and report it, minimize harm, act independently, and be accountable and transparent.


Being fair and balanced in all aspects of operations and output, never distorting or skewing information to anyone’s advantage.


Feeling the compelling need to be held liable for our work, admitting mistakes, apologizing, and promptly correcting errors if the need arises, following through on developing work to show a complete picture.


Allowing positive Filipino culture, beliefs, and advocacies to take center stage.


Being understanding and sensitive to the needs of the team and others who we deal with, uncovering hidden concerns, and producing work that sparks discourse.


Courageously exploring and implementing new ideas and perspectives to pursue PMFI’s vision and mission.


Having a mentoring attitude, being open-minded, treating colleagues and collaborators with respect, and encouraging the growth and development of others.


Certifications and Accreditations