Voices of young environment storytellers through Kwentong Kalikasan

PMFI supports the voices of young environment storytellers through Kwentong Kalikasan

June 2022 - PMFI is a distribution partner of a video advocacy project Kwentong Kalikasan by the Association of Young Environmental Journalists (AYEJ). The project includes a mini documentary and TV magazine series featuring engaging stories on the champions of forest conservation, indigenous narratives, biodiversity, science, environment, and more. The project is a joint project between AYEJ and Forest Foundation Philippines.

The 7-Episode Kwentong Kalikasan TV-Magazine show showcases a series of intimate indoor conversations featuring honest stories of Mindanao residents with a passion for the environment.

EPISODE 1: IP Youth and Young City-Dwellers Exchange Talents

EPISODE 2: Couples compete to guess whether flora and fauna are native in the Philippines

EPISODE 3: Sendong Survivors Read Letters They Wrote to Their Future Selves

EPISODE 4: Indigenous People and Sub-urban People Meet

EPISODE 5: Entrepreneurs bust myths on integrating “green” to their business

EPISODE 6: Senior high students identify everyday products and where they come from

EPISODE 7: Kids and adults are asked to draw what they think forests will look like in the future

The 7-episode documentary series aims to highlight the heroes and the champions behind forest conservation in Bukidnon and Misamis Oriental.

EPISODE 1: Seeking the Road Less Traveled ft. Thieza Verdijo  

EPISODE 2: From Responsible Mountaineer to Sustainability Entrepreneur fr. Reina Bontuyan

EPISODE 3: Forests are more than just trees fr. Archie Tulin

EPISODE 4: Dreams of a young forest guardian ft. Anilaw

EPISODE 5: The Stories that Maps Andres Ignacio

EPISODE 6: Unsung Superheroes of the Mountain Ranges Zoilo and the Kitanglad Guard Volunteers

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